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What are the guidelines about doctoral dessertation formatting?

The doctoral dissertation is a main step on the way to an academic degree of the third level and represents a scientific treatise that is based on the results of experiments and analytical work. The doctorate ensured by the doctoral dessertation defense enables the dissertation writer with the opportunity to apply for the university professor position. It’s not easy to become a doctoral dessertation author. For that dissertation writers should be well-read in the subject area of the dissertation and possess the deepest knowledge in the field. Besides, writing a dissertation the author ought to have reliable facts and data the trustworthiness of which is proved scientifically in the process of writing a dessertation. As a rule, applicants for the doctorate are scientists who devote themselves to teaching. The Doctor’s degree is a key to a door in the big science.

The doctoral dessertation has practically the same format as other types of dissertations have (e.g., the PhD dessertation). The main structural parts are a title page, a table of contents, an introduction and main body, a conclusion and a bibliography, or a reference section. The title page is the first page of the doctoral dissertation and its formatting obeys strictly regulated rules. Writing a dissertation one has to remember the obligatory elements which should be denoted on the title page. From the very beginning a full name of the educational institution or scientific organization ought to be mentioned. Then the dessertation writer’s name and surname go. The title of the work (and a qualifying subtitle, if it is) is situated below. The text with the name and surname of the scientific adviser or consultant and his academic status is aligned with the right margin. In the lower part the place and year of the doctoral dessertation writing are stated (the defense year is the year when the doctoral dissertation is handed in for the pre-examination).

In the table of contents the titles of all parts and paragraphs with page numbers are given. The titles have to coincide with those presented in the main body.  The dissertation commencement usually recap the dissertation proposal and is destined for the acquaintance with the important qualification work characteristics like its urgency, the main aims and tasks of the research, newness and reliability of the offered methods and solutions, practical and scientific significance, approval of the doctoral dissertation and the dissertation writer contribution etc.

The main body is the substantial part of the whole treatise (commonly contains at least 3 chapters). The chapters’ contents should correspond to the dissertation topic precisely. At the end of each chapter the dissertation author ought to draw a conclusion about derived results.

In the conclusion itself, as a rule, the synthesis of all results and their correlation with formulated aims and tasks are drawn. There is the quintessence of new knowledge that is submitted for discussion exactly in this part of your dissertation.

Bibliography is an essential part of the work reflecting an independent research of the dessertation writer founded on groundwork in the concerned field. Each source included in the bibliography list should be reflected in the dessertation manuscript.

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