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The Most Effective Dissertation Defense Methods

Even a skilled dissertation writer can be totally intimidated with forthcoming dissertation defense, not to say about a freshman. It goes without saying that in case you are pursuing such a high academic degree, you have already experience in thesis defense as well as in participating in various conferences with a speech presentation behind. But when a dissertation writer realizes significance of dissertation defense in his academic and professional career, lots of doubts arise in his head provoking unsure feeling of his own strength. To gain acknowledgement and favorable feedback from dissertation committee, your dissertation presentation must be impressive. And to achieve this result both psychological and scientific approaches should be applied.

Despite a great variety of existing dissertation defense methods and tricks, almost all of them can be consolidated to the chief ideas. That’s not obligatory to follow only one of them. Your dissertation defense will only win, if you combine some of these tricks:

  • prepare a script of your presentation and play your role. It’s always easier to be someone else, so why don’t you be a self-confident leader towards dissertation committee. You can play and impress as a real actor during your dissertation defense, why not?
  • make your personal point of view beyond any doubt. Be confident in your personal opinion and be ready to argue and insist on it. It’s evident that a dissertation writer should have arguments to prove his statement. This is more psychological approach, as it’s natural that people will believe the words said in a confident manner, though the arguments can be comparatively week.
  • look directly into eyes. When you’re looking strictly into eyes, you create an impression of aggressive and confident in own correctness dissertation writer. Those, who have doubts or aren’t sure in own rightness, avoid any eye contact, so prove the committee that you don’t have even the slightest doubt in your words looking directly into their eyes.
  • don’t be afraid not to know the right answer. Those questions that will be asked during the Q&A dissertation defense session won’t be obligatory connected with your work and your paper, so don’t try to find an answer on the question you principally can’t know. Better admit your unawareness than give vague and dubious replies.



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