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Some of the Key Topics in Political Dessertations

These are some of the key topics of exploration which can be discussed under political dessertation topics. These are very important in bringing clear and fresh opening of political scenarios and their influence in today’s world. Some of these may be as suggested since they are widely impacting and bring different angles of solutions in several scenarios. The related topics of interest may be:

  • Analysis of Popular Political Theories
  • Comparative Approaches of Different Political Theories
  • Modern Day Political Approaches and Their Applications
  • Comparison of Political Approaches of Certain Countries
  • International Laws and Regulations in Different Countries
  • Comparison and Contrast of Populist Party Approaches in American History
  • Public Consultation of Several Political Cultures
  • Comparison of Theories of Hobbes, Leviathan and Machiavelli’s “Prince”
  • Comparison and Contrast of Socialism, Social Criticism and Capitalism
  • Comparison of Impacts of Capitalism and Communism
  • Different Natures of Governmental Approaches in the World
  • Comparison of Electoral Systems and Legislations of Different Countries
  • The Federal Structure of Government and its Spreading Influence
  • Comparison and Contrasts of Public Policies in France and US
  • George Stephanopoulos and His Political Theories
  • Electoral Systems in South Korea and India
  • The Presidential and Parliamentary Systems of Government
  • Independence Movements in Korea and India in Early 20th
  • Centuries
  • Comparative Models of Weber and Gramsci
  • Classical Liberalism in Western World
  • Analysis and Argument of Habermas Theories
  • Justice and its Role in Society
  • International Justice Movement
  • Perception and Population in India and China
  • International Laws and Relations Compared among Specific Nations
  • Questions of Agency and Defense of Libertarian Positions
  • Questions of Political Morality through McMohan-Hussein Correspondence
  • Questions Regarding Responsibility through Functions and Ethics
  • Freedom and Determinism through Political Framework
  • Study in Foreign Policies and Their Influences
  • Changing Dimensions Regarding International Security
  • Analysis and Understanding of Islamic Extremist Movements

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