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Some Interesting Possibilities of Dessertation Writing in Socio-Political Areas

There are several socio-political issues which find its place of great importance in terms of dessertation presentation and overall work in mass raise of awareness to those relative areas. The issues that are raised through socio-political events and aspects bringing greater importance in today’s world are varied and multifarious. Some of the socio-political impacts have come out of great consequences down the phases of history and shaped mankind and civilization while continuing to do so. Socio-political areas open up new possibilities of research, debate and structured specializations as well as approaches to new solutions for mankind. Some of the most debated topics of today’s theories and applicable resolutions may of the following kind:

  • Study in Modern Foreign Policy
  • The Movement of Internet as Social Media
  • Activism as Recourse to Poverty
  • Absolutism in Terms of Different Regimes
  • Review and Analysis of Global Crisis Situations
  • Questions of Radical Political Approaches Changing World Policies
  • Functions of Ethics with Lines of Freedom and Determinism
  • Struggle for Power in Terms of Illegal Drug Licensing and Bans
  • UN Laws and Support Structures in Humanitarian Areas
  • Proportional Representations in Political and Legal Areas
  • Afghanistan Electoral Approach
  • Affirmative Actions in Politics with Their Positive and Negative Aspects
  • African-American Restraints and Limitations Experienced in US
  • Al Qaeda and the Literary Review on the War on Terrorism
  • Africa and Its Developments
  • Most Significant Events that Changed the Course of History in Human Development
  • Mythological and Psychological Approaches to the Movements in Islam
  • Policy Maker’s Database and the Status of Children
  • Addressing Key Changes and Important Events in a Nation’s History
  • Airline Safety and Security Worldwide
  • Solutions to Global Terrorism
  • Roots and Causes of Terrorism
  • Ideas and Development of Democracy over the Years
  • New World Solutions to War and Conflicts

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