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Qualitative and Quantitative Research Backing a Thesis

Whenever one is producing a thesis there must be wide range of reflection supporting the topic to provide qualitative as well as quantitative research banking on the particular term, its pros, cons and original conclusion. The research is the source backline of the thesis and no amount of original thinking can be proved worthy without the proper presentation of the qualitative assessment and quantitative presentations. For most institutions, the thesis paper gets dissolved if the presentations are not validated by related facts, theories, data presentation along with original content. With the degrading of any of these factors the value of the thesis and its weight goes under. A paper can be very interesting and vital to read or may be posing something astounding and extraordinary in its originality but without the legal presentation of sources, topics and wide coverage of inputs the amount of research work loses significance.

Students are encouraged to keep tab, fact files, data sheet and journal records of every piece of research or survey they conduct. This helps them to sort out the coherent references at the right order and within the right format without any delay or lack of presentation. There are many problem solving tactics received through critical evaluation of the overall thesis and their data presentation. The decision and conclusions made during the paper through the critical representations, qualitative and quantitative data back up, etc. are some of the most important ways of expression of the fluid intelligence that must be present through the paper. Originality gets appreciated and evaluated at the face of recognition of diverse resources, consultations and inspirations that go in the total formation of the work. Thus thinking and research elements are successfully combined with practical application under the current topic for the paper in a cohesive conclusion that is lucid in its terms.

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