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How should a doctoral dessertation be presented?

In fact, a doctoral dissertation is a proof of a new achievement in science. The topic designated in the doctoral dessertation ought to have a practical meaning for that science area the dissertation writer specializes in. In order to write really good dessertation work an applicant for doctorate has to spend not one month, and even not one year. The dessertation writing will take at least three years of intensive work accompanied with the profound researches in the field, experiments, the supplementary information study and so on. The standard volume of the doctoral dissertation should vary within the bounds from 300 to 350 pages.
Usually the candidate’s project becomes a foundation of the dissertation writing. Unlike the PhD dissertation the doctoral dissertation is of the deeper research character and has more serious approach. According to specialists’ experience a good doctoral dissertation can be written only in 5-12 years. Your publications at reviewing well-known scientific edition is the indispensable condition for your dissertation defense approval. There is the officially approved list of scientific editions in a number of which dissertation writers should publish some chapters of their doctoral dissertation. Editions not included in this list aren’t taken into account as the defense of a thesis approval by the committee.
Before the defense procedure a dissertation writer should get reviews on his or her treatise from the number of reviewers. Specialists and organizations competent in the subject area of the dessertation play a role of these reviewers. Frequently there are two types of obligatory reviews – the official opponents’ reviews (2 – for Candidates and 3 – for Doctors of Science) and the leading organization review. Also not later than in a month before the defense the dissertation writers have to send the dessertation abstracts to the dessertation council members and the organizations which are interested in.
During the defense of a thesis the dissertation writers present their works to the dissertation council. The dissertation writer recounts in oral form the contents of the work, achieved scientific results and their practical application possibilities answering to the council members questions. All of these points usually are touched upon in the dissertation proposal that is an obligatory part of the whole work. As a rule, the dissertation writers are allowed to avail of this brief dissertation proposal during the presentation. In conclusion of the dissertation presentation the council discusses a work and makes a decision about the dissertation approval or disapproval by secret voting of all council members. If the dissertation is approved after the defense results the council resolves the academic degree conferment to the dissertation writer.

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