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Difference between Retrospective and Prospective Dissertation Researches

It’s a well-known fact that significance and value of every dissertation paper consist in the research that had been conducted, analyzed and represented in this dissertation. The way the research was set can define significance of obtained results, hence determining the methods that will be applied in dissertation research play a crucial role in success of whole dissertation writing.

When choosing appropriate methods for concrete dissertation research, dissertation writer should clarify for himself his research goal and make some predictions giving approximate results. When these things are done, it is high time to start choosing the best research method that can attain the dissertation aim in full. One of the most common classifications of analytical methods applied in dissertation writing is division based on the time of analysis. There are 2 major approaches: retrospective and prospective research, and the main distinction between them lies in the period, when an analysis is done. Let’s have a good look at both of these methods, one of which will definitely find its place in your dissertation.

Principle of retrospective analysis is based on observation and examination of the events that have already passed. This dissertation research method isn’t experimental and is based on already existed database. Dissertation writer has to define those parameters, influencing factors or any other variables, which will be examined in his further research to conduct data selection accordingly. Retrospective methods are usually used in the humanities, e.g. history, sociology, economics, financial dissertations.

Prospective research, at the contrary to retrospective, sets a goal, defines dependent and influencing variables first and then analyzes how they are changing during a certain period of time. Dissertations with prospective analysis considered to be experimental. Despite of existing dissertation writer’s predictions, one can never know for sure, what result he will obtain. Therefore, this method isn’t as foreseeable as retrospective research. Prospective dissertation research is usually applied in medicine; furthermore it is a basic principle of pharmaceutical trials. That’s why, if your dissertation is relevant to medicine, science of materials or psychology, prospective research method will be the wisest choice for you.



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