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No one can get an academic degree without thesis writing. Everyone knows that this assignment is a very difficult one. You will have to conduct a thorough research and solve all the problems you may face. In case you like your topic and you have all the necessary information this task will not seem that horrible! Let’s have a look how you should start your thesis writing.

First of all, you will have to choose the topic. Make it quite narrow, don’t talk about abstract things. Once you’ve made up your mind with the topic, prepare a thesis outline. That’s some pages with chapter headings, sub-headings and several comments. Then think of what you will write in each chapter. This will make your task easier when you start writing. You will know exactly what to write in each section and you’ll organize the ideas more efficiently.

Like any piece of writing, thesis should begin with the title page where you include all the information about the topic, your university or college, department, date of delivery, etc.

The next part is thesis abstract. This is a summary of your thesis. Tell your readers how your work is important; describe your research and the findings you’ve got. Your abstract should be no longer than 400 words.

Then start writing the table of contents of your thesis. Here you are expected to list all the headings and subheadings with their page numbers. Apart from the contents a good thesis should include a list of figures and tables. Include all the tables and figures you have and give a short title for each of them.

As a rule, then comes the part known as an introduction. Be sure to include some interesting fact or quotation at the beginning of your thesis introduction. That will capture your readers’ attention and make them read it to the end. The next paragraphs of the introduction should tell about previous researches in your area. Tell the readers how important your study is and why you have taken it. You can show the importance of your thesis in the context of already existing works.

Methodology chapter. Here you will have to place some information that will allow your reader to assess the importance of your research and results. Besides, describe your instruments, the procedure of the research and some theoretical information. Tell your readers about all the analytical methods you’ve used to conduct the research.

The next section will contain your results. Here you have to include all the tables, figures and graphs. In case you have any negative results, mention them along with the positive ones. This will show that you can think critically. Divide your results into some logical sections by using subheadings. Make a separate section for the key results. The key results will prove the importance of the research.

Discussion. This is the section where you are expected to summarize your results. The readers want to see your most important findings. In this section you can compare your results to the already existing ones. Show how important your findings are and what gap in your field of science you will fill. Here you are allowed to analyze your findings.

The conclusions chapter. This is usually the last part of a thesis. Here you should tell about the strongest and most important statements one can make from your research. You should highlight the major issues that your readers should remember about your thesis. Refer to your thesis statement and describe how relevant your findings are.

Now you know how a common thesis is to be structured. A lot of sections and even more information to master. You will have to forget about your hobbies and personal life. Thesis writing will take all your time! But we think that professional thesis writers form can do all the writing for you! Order professional writing services at and save your time! Our professional dissertation and thesis writers and our affordable prices will really surprise you! Don’t postpone your success!

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