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Thesis Proposal Writing

Very soon you will get your academic degree. The only thing left to do is to write a thesis. But before submitting the final version of thesis which will bring you the master’s or doctoral degree you will have to write and submit a thesis proposal. The proposal is a kind of summary of your thesis. It will determine the success of your work. It will make the first impression on the committee of your university and for this reason it is to be written very carefully. If the Committee dislikes it then your thesis will not be accepted. So write the proposal carefully and this will show you in the best light. Thesis proposal is definitely one of the most important parts of thesis writing.

Now a few words about what a thesis proposal should include. You are to start with the abstract. Here you give the topic and describe what exactly questions you will try to answer in your thesis. This part is quite a short one, and as a rule it is no longer than 200 words. Forget about all the irrelevant issues an put the most important facts in the abstract.

In the introduction part you are expected to explain the background of your topic and the details of your conducted research. Your main task in the introductory chapter is to attract your future readers’ attention. That is why check if your language is clear and reader-friendly. In the statement section you will have to put your research questions and present your hypothesis. Hypothesis is something you believe in. It is the idea you will have to prove or disprove in your thesis.

After this comes the methodology section of the thesis proposal. Here you will have to present the methods and data you are going to use to conduct the research.

In the next section that is called results you will present the results of your research. Besides it will be wise to tell how your research is connected to the chosen topic. You should tell about the existing works in your field of knowledge that will show the readers how your thesis will contribute to the world of science.

The discussion part of the proposal has to present an analysis of your findings and conclusions. In the last section of your thesis proposal you explain why your research is important and how you will contribute into the chosen field of knowledge.

Review all the information carefully before submitting it to the Committee. This work makes up the impression of your thesis. Proofread your thesis proposal several times and only then can you submit it to the university.

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