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Methodology Chapter of Dissertation Writing

How to Describe the Methodology of Dissertation Writing

Methodology is a very important chapter of your dissertation writing, because in this part of your project you have to define and describe the methodology you are planning on using in order to test your hypothesis and address the issue which you presented in the introductory chapter.

Methodologies Used by Other Dissertation Writing Professionals

Just like any other dissertation writing chapter, methodology should begin with a brief overview of the problem you are trying to solve and the methods available for solving it. Besides that, here you need to include a brief discussion of the methodologies used by other researchers and their influence on methods chosen by you. Once you have stated which methodologies you are going to use, you should provide justification for them and discuss the instruments used by previous researches and the ones you will be using.

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Methodology chapter is a unique one, for it also has to include a summary of the strengths and weaknesses of the methodologies used by you and your reasoning for choosing them no matter what. If you will perform a thorough and relevant literature review, you won’t have difficulties writing it, but if you will still find it challenging, don’t hesitate to contact DissertationWriting.Biz and we will help you.

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