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Discussion Section of Dissertation Writing

Inevitable Part of the Dissertation Writing

Discussion chapter is an inevitable part in which you have to discuss why and how gathered information was collected and assorted. Together with that, in this part of dissertation writing you will have to explain why you have opted for a certain method of data gathering instead of the other ones, etc. Writing a discussion chapter is somewhat easier than the other ones, simply because it is a logic conclusion of your work and is written based on the received knowledge, but it can be tricky sometimes.

Related Dissertation Writing Parts

Discussion chapter is closely related to methodology and results sections of your dissertation writing, because in it you have to explain and to analyze the obtained results as well as the entire dissertation writing. When writing discussion part of your paper keep in mind that you have to give a well scrutinized and critical investigation of the research material you used and it will look fantastic.

Logical Conclusion of the Dissertation Writing

The trickiest thing about the discussion chapter is that you must give an unbiased judgment of what you have found out while conducting research. It acts as a logical conclusion of the dissertation writing in the form of evaluations and suggestions supported by the literature review references. It also can be viewed as an interpretation of the hypothesis of the topic you have chosen for your research and helps you to make the audience comprehend the real significance of the obtained results.

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