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Your Excellent English Language Dissertation Writing

English Dissertation WritingUnderstanding the Purpose of English Language Dissertation Writing

An English language dissertation, like any other work of this caliber, is a substantive academic piece of writing. Understanding how to write an English language dissertation is the key step in achieving academic objectives and winning a desirable degree. Many individuals think that there is nothing new to be discovered in this area of dissertation writing, but there is still quite a bit of room for research.

Three Branches of Linguistics to Choose Your Dissertation Writing Topic

There are three major branches of linguistics from which you can choose a topic for your dissertation writing. One of them is evolutionary linguistics where you can focus on researching into the evolution of the language and its origins. Another one is historical linguistics and here you can research the changes in language patterns over time. Yet one more branch is social linguistics where you can research into why different cultures use different languages to communicate.

Major Components of Successful English Language Dissertation Writing

There are a few major components to creating successful English language dissertation writing like planning, research and note-taking as well as structuring, organizing and writing the paper itself. The first phase (planning, research and note-taking) should begin as soon as possible and should include developing of the dissertation writing topic, but a student faced with the task of writing an English language dissertation must balance two things: practical activity and theoretical research. Theoretical aspect refers to reading, analyzing and evaluating other people’s works while practical aspect involves conducting research, time management, setting deadlines, etc.

Structure of English Language Dissertation Writing

Individual universities have their own expectations in terms of dissertation writing structure, and it is better to ask your supervisor to clarify this aspect. However, your dissertation writing should be structured similar to this:

  • title page stating title of your dissertation, your name, your supervisor’s name, department and course information;
  • abstract summarizing introduction, body and conclusion of your dissertation;
  • acknowledgements where you thank the people who have been helpful to you;
  • table of contents with a list of the chapters and sections of your dissertation writing;
  • introduction in which you have to introduce your paper as well as outline the scope and structure of your dissertation writing;
  • main body in which you need to present in complete detail your findings, evaluation your research, and argue your new perspective;
  • conclusion has to state your response to the original thesis and conclude your argument.

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