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Useful Dissertation Writing Tips

Dissertation Writing IdeasHow to Overcome Difficulties of Dissertation Writing

Many students treat dissertation as an extended essay and they are somewhat right, but dissertation is much more complex and requires a lot more research, time, effort originality of approach and the ability to sustain an argument over a more in-depth piece of work. Here are some tips that will help you to overcome difficulties of writing a dissertation.

Dissertation Topic

First and one of the most obvious things that you should do is to make up your mind in terms of topic. This might sound straightforward, it is advisable to research on the topic you are familiar with and interested in and you will not have difficulty keeping motivated.

Secondly, be original. Dissertation is a serious paper, so you should look for is a topic or a direction of on a topic that has not been widely researched before, especially if you are writing a PhD dissertation.

As it was mentioned earlier, dissertation requires thorough research, therefore you need to read deeply and widely on your topic in order to see what has already been written and what gaps are left for you to fill.

Thesis Statement Formulation

What is similar between the essay and the dissertation is that in both cases you have to formulate a thesis statement. However, your dissertation thesis statement should be formed from your reading as well as your own thoughts and has to be strong enough to sustain over a long piece of writing.

Make Notes for Your Dissertation Writing

Last but not least piece of advice one should keep in mind when writing a dissertation is to make notes as your research progresses. Don’t hesitate to make notes while research and reading various resources, so to be able to find them later on if you will need them.

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