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Thesis or Dissertation Evaluation

Evaluation of your dissertation writingThe point of writing a dissertation is to expose student’s abilities of collecting information, critical analyzing theories and building, testing and defending coherent argument. It is basically a test for a student to become an independent self sufficient scholar. In the dissertation an aspirant demonstrates the originality of his ideas which he should put into a brisk and concise form. A literature review, as the evidence of study originality, is a vital part of any dissertation.

During the cross examination the aspirant may be asked the question on any aspect of the dissertation and will defend his ideas and issues with help of the literature review. It is aimed to show student’s profound understanding of the questions aroused in the dissertation, ability to defend the ideas he put up in his research proposal verbally.

There is a number of set criteria according to which the student is to be evaluated:

  • Focus – the correspondence between the research problem and an argument. For each paragraph of the argument the student should be able to account on how it helps to solve the problem.
  • Reading – the mounts of literature that the student has used to find the most relevant.
  • Research – the quality of research design and execution. The interpretation of facts and results should be logical and consistent.
  • Argument – is basically the way student defends the dissertation and the way the presentation is crafted. It also demonstrates the efficiency of aspirant’s work with the literature – he should come to conclusions which come out from the literature but are not immediately evident.
  • Presentation – the most ambiguous part. In this criteria the grammar, spelling, expression and correct usage of citations are included. Very often the brilliant idea is shaded by the inaccuracy in paper writing. But it should not bring you down, nowadays there are companies which can help you to achieve academic excellence without spending days and nights searching out mistakes – DissertationWriting.Biz.

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