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The Proper Formatting of Dissertation Appendices

As you already know, appendices are essential in any dissertation writing. They are used to represent helpful supporting materials of your dissertation which would be inappropriate in the main body of the paper. This concerns contributory facts, specialized raw data, technical figures or tables, maps and questionnaires of your research. The formatting of appendices, howeverб is a little different from the formatting of your dissertation in general and have a number of important peculiarities. That is why, our dissertation writing company wants to give you some pieces of advice concerning the formatting of appendices in your dissertation.

How To Format The Appendices Properly

Our professional writers at have written and formatted a huge number of appendices and want to share their knowledge with you. To begin with, while formatting the appendices of your dissertation you should keep in mind that each appendix must begin on a new page. Secondly, when creating an appendix you need to pay proper attention to its heading formatting. The heading should always be in bold and placed in the center of the page. In addition, according to, each heading should include a letter or a number of an appendix ( APPENDIX 1, for example).

Moreover, our dissertation writing company wants you to remember that appendices must be necessarily listed in the table of content of your dissertation. As for the position of the appendices in your dissertation, they may either precede or follow the reference list.

However, these are the general rules of formatting the appendices while writing your dissertation. At the same time, each university and each professor has his own requirements, so our dissertation writing company advise you to check your paper guidance carefully before formatting the appendices of your dissertation

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