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The First Stage of Dissertation Writing: “Thinking about It”

Thinking about your dissertation writingDissertation Writing Topic

When you got the assignment of writing a dissertation, first thing that you should do is to think over the topic our study and to decide how and what you are going to do in order to complete your paper. It means, firstly, you should provide some planning and thinking, so these tips will help you with that.

Keep Your Ideas

First of all, be inclusive with your thinking and instead of narrowing down on the number of ideas you should rather include as many ideas as you can in order to choose the best ones among them on the later stages. Write down everything you can come up with, because no matter how good you are at memorizing things, it is impossible to keep everything in your mind and it would be very unfortunate if you will forget something.

Dissertation Writing Schedule

Try to be realistic about the time you are willing to commit to your dissertation writing and even at early stages you will be interested and fast paced, on later stages the project will be coming along very slowly, so the best way to stay on track is to develop a schedule stating how much time you should spend on your paper and what part of it you should be on by a certain date. At this stage it would be wise to do a little preliminary research which will show the amount of literature resources available on the selected topic and whether you will be able to develop your idea successfully or not. So, don’t waste your time and get straight to it.

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