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Tag Questions in Dissertation Writing

Tag Questions in Dissertation WritingDissertation Writing Company’s Info On Tag Questions

A tag question is a statement followed by a mini-question. The whole sentence is called a “tag question” and the mini-question at the end of it is called a “question tag”. These questions are often used to ask for confirmation as well as to ask for information or help. Many students wonder if tag questions are appropriate in dissertation writing as there are instances where they would like to use them in order to make their papers more vivid and meaningful, so Dissertation Writing Company decided to provide some information on that matter.

Dissertation Writing Company Advice On Tag Question Usage

As you can see, tag questions are used to ask for information or help or to confirm some facts, so if you will think rationally, there is no one you would ask for help or for information in your dissertation, but rather prove the central thesis statement with solid facts, so, by all means, tag questions are inappropriate in a dissertation. Instead of using tags, one should use strong and reliable sentences that don’t leave any doubts as to the reliability and truthfulness of provided information. Also, a great way to make your dissertation stand out and make it vivid, colorful and meaningful is to cite appropriate passages from other scholars’ works on your topic.

Of course, there might be some exceptions to this and in some instances like in sociology, psychology or philosophy dissertations tag questions might be appropriate, but only if you will make sure that it is really necessary. Otherwise, it is suggested to follow the formal writing style and not use any tag questions in your dissertation. If you are not sure about some word or sentence usage, don’t hesitate to contact Dissertation Writing Company and our experienced editors and writers will help you.

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