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Results Section of Dissertation Writing

Dissertation Writing. Results ChapterResults of Dissertation Writing

Researching and writing your dissertation is time consuming, stressful and even frustrating venture especially when it comes to collecting results. Here are some tips that will help you to present your results in a better way.

The Results section of your dissertation you should begin with the introductory paragraph by specifying the criteria of dissertation. Frame the chapter thematically, following the format similar to the Literature Review section by concentrating on the topics that arose unexpectedly during the fact-finding.

Quantitative and Qualitative Results

Results come in two basic forms: quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative results encompass statistical information, graphs and testing. Qualitative results act as a recap of the most valuable findings of dissertation writing. It is a small, but one of the most important sections of your dissertation and besides that, it usually contains a lot of numerical data, so make sure to format, edit and proofread it so all of your results are presented properly.

Dissertation Proofreading

The best way to do proofreading is to give yourself a break for a day or two and then look over the dissertation with a pair of fresh eyes. One other great way is to ask someone to look over your results and other chapters for mistakes.

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