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Referring to Illustrative Material in Dissertation Writing

Referring to illustrative material in dissertation writingOne of the ways of making your dissertation more comprehensive is to include some information in a form of illustrations like charts, graphs, tables and drawings. Dissertation Writing Company thinks that among all different ways of data presentation and interpretation this one is the simplest and the one that is very easy to understand and follow. However, there are some guidelines regarding referring to illustrative material that you should follow if you want to make your dissertation flawless.

Dissertation Writing Company Advice On Including Graphical Information

Dissertation Writing Company has written many successful dissertations on a wide variety of subjects and knows how to refer to illustrative material. First thing you have to make sure when trying to include some illustrations into your dissertation is that it is clear and easy for the readers to understand. Next thing you have to do is make sure that it fits on a standard page, because otherwise it will have to be presented as oversized material in the appendix section. So, if you have made your illustration fit the margins of a standard page, next thing you have to do is insert it in a place in text where it is being mentioned for the first time. If that is impossible, then such graphical data should be presented on the following page.

Dissertation Writing Company Advice On Referring To Illustrations

Every piece of graphical information in the dissertation has to have a name and a number which should consist of the chapter number and the number of that particular illustration. Once you have placed that illustration in the text, when it is being mentioned you should include words such as “as can be seen from Table 3.2” which means that following is the table with some data and that it is the second table in a chapter and that it is located in the third chapter.


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