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Motivators In The Dissertation Writing Process

Every action committed by a person has a certain motivation behind it, either positive or negative, personal or social, etc. DissertationWriting.biz knows that dissertation writing needs motivation as well. Apart from the highest motivation of receiving a degree or gaining new valuable knowledge, each of us needs daily motivators to keep the dissertation writing process going. The main daily motivators, according to our writers, are rewards, feedback, and punishments.

Feedback As A Motivator In The Dissertation Writing Process

Our writers at www.dissertationwriting.biz believe that feedback is a very important motivator in the dissertation writing process, because it gives you the feeling that your work is appreciated by others, that it isn’t vain. Feedback can be received either from your advisor, writing group, or from your family and friends. In order to get that answer which will keep you going you should, first of all, choose a reader scrupulously (grandmothers are usually best at telling how genius you are) and to tell your reader what kind of feedback you need. DissertationWriting.biz thinks it is fine if you tell your reader that some parts of your dissertation are not finished yet, so that he would pay attention to the edited parts only and you would receive a positive and motivating feedback.

Reward And Punishment As A Motivators In The Dissertation Writing Process

DissertationWriting.biz advises you to give yourself as many reward as possible along the way of your dissertation writing process. When you finish a chapter meeting a deadline or just feel that your work has been rather fruitful today, don’t be shy to buy yourself a coffee with a bar of chocolate, go to the cinema, theater or nightclub, or just meet with your friends. This, according to our writers from www.dissertationwriting.biz, will help you keep the balance between work and leisure and give you the needed inspiration for writing an excellent dissertation. However, DissertationWriting.biz is aware that reward may be a week motivator for some students. In this case it would be wise to use punishment. Try restricting yourself doing your favorite things before you get the work done – this can turn out to be most powerful motivator for you.

Dissertation Writing Assistance

In case you are rather insusceptible to motivators which are listed above and fail to pull yourself together to write your dissertation, don’t fall into despair! Professional academic writers at DissertationWriting.biz are always there to help you with your dissertation writing. Choose a service and place an order with us letting receiving the highest mark for the paper be the motivator for you to do so!

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