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Managing Your Advisor While Writing Your Dissertation

There is a very important aspect of any dissertation writing which is, however, rarely spoken about. This aspect is the relations between you and your dissertation writing advisor. is sure that this factor influences the success of your dissertation greatly and would like to provide a couple of tips about the most effective way to cooperate with your advisor during your dissertation writing process.

Tips On Cooperating With Your Advisor While Writing A Dissertation

First of all, our writers at want you to remember that by the time you finish your paper the kind of relationships between you and your former teacher will change from tutor-student model to the form of relationships colleagues have between them. Thus, we advise you to start being more mature and independent in your cooperation even while writing your dissertation.

Secondly, according to, it is imperative for you to talk with your advisor about how the two of you should work. Set such things as frequency of your meetings, the schedule for submitting drafts of your dissertation and turnaround time for your receiving checked papers in advance. Moreover, you should inform your advisor about the kind of feedback which would be most comfortable for you, as this will let your advisor know how to help you and prevent him from giving unhelpful and discouraging comments.

More Advice On Managing Your Advisor While Writing A Dissertation

Going further, our writers at think that you should always keep your advisor informed about the progress of your work. A weekly or, for instance, monthly report can prove to be rather efficient. Another good idea might be talking to other students who have the same advisor in order to share experience and find ways of cooperating with the professor in most productive way.

Finally, is convinced that if you have serious problems communicating with your advisor, you should make a change. In this case you can either change the advisor completely or, if that is not possible, find another tutor who will be willing to serve as a so-called “second advisor”.

Additionally, our dissertation writing service wants you to remember that if you are needing an advisor, you can always turn to our services and ask our professional writers from to help you with your dissertation writing, editing, proofreading and much more.

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