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How Many Sources Should be Referenced in a Literature Review Dissertation Chapter?

Sources for dissertation writingAs Discussion of the Subject

Your dissertation writing is not complete without a good literature review: your literary review will serve as a description of the literature which may be significant in your topic. Usually in order for you to write a strong literature review, you will need to have a grasp on your research topic and asses the importance of the literature. Like any writing, this will also require introduction, body and a conclusion with rational structure and you should be able to use important literature to sustain the discussion of arguments and issues of your dissertation. Your literature review is a subject of discussion so make sure to support this with sources and enough data.

Sources Depend on the Level and Stage of your Dissertation

This will help you readers have an outlook on your research and this will also state what have been said on your study, the theories and hypothesis which comprises your dissertation writing. This will also imply the usage of methods and other methodology which you found useful to utilize in conducting your thesis. The sources you need will depend on what stage your dissertation writing is; you can ask your advisor over the specifications of number of references. Bear in mind that your review of literature is the most vital chapter of your dissertation writing: this will examine and define the information you have available.

Analyze Variables and Presentation in an Orderly Manner

This will analyze the variables you have used and presents this is an orderly manner. This will also help display your comprehension and mastery over your chosen field so you should be able to write quality writing. You can also maximize your production by making use of online services or software that will help you manage your notes, citations and references carefully.  Doing this will help you support the other aspect in your dissertation and each article, books or site of your resources should be read thoroughly in order to give you the ideas you need and which you can use.


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