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Double and Single Quotation Marks for Dissertation Writing

Quotation Marks in Dissertation WritingIt is not a secret that there are single and double quotation marks in the English language, but many students find their usage confusing, especially, when it comes to dissertation writing. Many students that need to quote something in their text ask themselves the same question: “How do I know if I should use single or a double quotation mark?” Dissertation Writing Service Professionals know everything about proper usage of quotation marks and decided to share this information with you.

Dissertation Writing Service Rules Of Quotation Marks Usage

The usage of single and double quotation marks mainly depends on the country where you live, because in the Australian and British English students typically use single quotation marks while North American scholars utilize double quotation marks. Nevertheless, some publishers develop and implement their unique quoting system and often use double quotations for someone’s speech while separating someone’s thoughts with single quotation marks. The most important rule to keep in mind when quoting something is to make certain that you use the same style of quotation marks for opening and closing a quotation.

Dissertation Writing Service Tips On Proper Quotation Marks Usage

One of the biggest problems for students with quotation marks is their misuse as if you need to quote more than one paragraph you should use quotation marks in the beginning of every paragraph. Also many students get confused as to the usage of quotation marks within quotes, thus Dissertation Writing Service advises you to do the following: if initially you have used double quotations to separate a quote from general text then you should utilize single quotation marks for quoting words or phrases within that particular quote and vice versa. Without a doubt, quotations are necessary to make things clear and point out figures of speech, too many quotation marks can make your writing clumsy and difficult to follow, so watch out for that and good luck with dissertation writing.

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