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Dissertation Writing Tips on Referring to Groups of People

Referring to different people in your dissertation writingAny time in your dissertation you want to refer to a group of people, you have to be very careful not to use the language which is regarded to be hurtful by the group you are referring to. These days, anyone writing a dissertation has to be politically, group and gender correct as minority groups and special-interest groups have a great deal to say about the language used to refer to them. Staying current and using appropriate language is getting harder day-by-day, but it is a necessity if you want to make your dissertation correct in all ways. Dissertation Writing Company offers some tips that will help make your dissertation look better.

What to Avoid When Referring To A Group Of People in Dissertation Writing

When referring to women, Dissertation Writing Company suggests you to avoid using girls, ladies, gals, females, the fair sex. When referring to Black people you shouldn’t use minorities, Negroes, colored, Afro-Americans. When talking about Asian people in your dissertation you should avoid terms like Asians, minorities, use a specific nationality to refer to a group of people from multiple Asian countries like Chinese or Japanese, etc. When referring to American Indians you should avoid using minorities, redskins, Indians, natives, Eskimos and aborigines. When referring to People of Hispano-Latin American Origin Dissertation Writing Company suggests you to avoid terms like minorities, Spanish-surnamed, Spanish, Latins.

If you are writing about Gay Men and Lesbians, you shouldn’t use term homosexuals. When referring to Older Adults do not use terms like geriatrics, old people, elderly, the aged. If you are talking about differently abled people you should avoid terms handicapped, crippled, wheelchair-bound, deaf, dumb and disabled. If you will avoid these terms when writing a dissertation, you will do just great.

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