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Dissertation Writing Tips on Punctuation

Correct Punctuation in Your DissertationCorrect Punctuation Is Extremely Necessary for Dissertation Writing

Paragraph breaks and pauses are a very important part of dissertation writing. Even the very proactive sort of dissertations and writings could be made mediocre if the correct use of punctuation and paragraphs and pauses are not followed. Hence in order to make your dissertation stand out from the others, good punctuation is along with the good research about the topic.

Why Students Do Not Pay Proper Attention to Punctuation while Dissertation Writing

It is a very serious dilemma that teachers and instructors don’t pay proper attention to the use of punctuations when teaching their students. This is probably one of the reasons why students also don’t consider this as important omen of the dissertation writing process. But neglecting it ultimately leads to poor grades even though the research seemed to be quite informative.

During the post writing process one should consider the following points to make the dissertation look good and interesting. This way your dissertation writing will catch the attention of the reader.

Dissertation Writing Experts’ Advice on Correct Punctuation

Commas are used to join a compound sentence and to differentiate phrases in an unusual position. Commas often offer a pause while reading or a break which sometimes is necessary for understanding the meaning of previous verses and to follow on.

Exclamation marks are effective when it comes to sentences which have an emotional relation to themselves. The use of the punctuation marks should be used in a proper manner as crowding out of anything would seem inappropriate in dissertation writing.

Overuse of Punctuation Marks in Dissertation Writing

Apostrophe signs are used to demark contractions for example when writing “it is” people often write “it’s”. Therefore you should pay attention to the correct use of apostrophe.

Double quotations are used when quoting the words or sayings of someone and presenting them in the dissertation as it is, without adding or subtracting anything from your own.

Most importantly, the overuse of punctuation marks is as unacceptable as the lack of them. So keep it in mind while dissertation writing.

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