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Dissertation Writing Tips on Italics and Underlining Usage

Italics in Your Dissertation WritingBesides ordinary text, students sometimes use italics and underlining in their dissertation writing without knowing their proper usage, thus often fall into a trap and as a result lose points. Dissertation Writing Service knows how to use italics and underlining and would like to share their knowledge with you.

Dissertation Writing Service Information On Italics And Underlining Usage

As one might have guessed, italics and underlining are used to distinguish certain words from others within the plain text. Due to the fact that they mean the same thing, it would be wrong to utilize both of these typographical devices within the same body of text and, definitely, it would be incorrect to both underline and italicize the word or a phrase. In many instances professors prefer students to italicize important words and phrases while some prefer underlining, so if you don’t want to get mixed up, it is advisable to read the guidelines carefully and see what is expected of you.

Dissertation Writing Service Experts Give Advice On Usage Of Italics And Underlining

Italics have no need for punctuation marks usage next to the words being italicized, unless they are meant to be in the part of a sentence being italicized. Dissertation Writing Service also advises you not to italicize the apostrophes which create the possessive of a title. In many instances we italicize the titles, thus differentiating between the titles of novels and journals from the titles of articles, poems, short stories and episodes of TV shows. You can also use italics to emphasize on a certain word in a sentence, but keep in mind that if you will emphasize too many words in a single sentence, the emphasis will diminish and you will only confuse the readers.

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