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Dissertation Writing Tips on Gender-Specific Pronouns Usage

Using Correct Pronouns in Dissertation WritingWhen writing a dissertation, every student should not only focus on the topic, grammar, punctuation, style and formatting, but also on sexist language usage – language which unnecessarily emphasizes gender. Not so long ago it was acceptable to use masculine words when talking about people in general, but these days feminist movement made us accept new ideas on language usage. Incorporating these rules isn’t always easy, but necessary if you want your dissertation to be gender correct. Dissertation Writing Company offers some advice that will hopefully help you to do better on writing gender-specific pronouns.

Dissertation Writing Company’s Tips On Avoiding Sexist Language

If you want your dissertation to be gender-correct, then you should eliminate sexist pronouns and instead of using he, use either “he or she” or “he/she.” Besides that, you can alternate between “he” and “she,” but in this case you have to be very careful as to avoid confusion within a chapter. Dissertation Writing Company agrees that the best way to avoid sexist language is to make the noun plural and thus delete gender as it is usually easily read and clear to all readers. Yet one more way of avoiding gender-specific pronouns is by changing the pronoun to “the.”

Dissertation Writing Company Can Help Make Your Dissertation Flawless

Whatever way of expressing thoughts in the dissertation you will choose is totally up to you as long as you keep your paper free from gender-specific pronouns; otherwise you are risking to get punished for that. Don’t take it lightly as defense committee takes such issues very seriously and, most likely, there will be at least on woman in such committee, and if you will fail to make your dissertation sexism free, it might cost you a lot. Dissertation Writing Company knows how to make dissertations flawless in all senses, so if you don’t want to risk your academic career, turn to us and we will help.

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