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Dissertation Evidence

Dissertation Writing EvidenceWhat Is a Dissertation Evidence

Dissertation evidence is also known as the main body of your paper and it is usually divided into chapters. The reason why it is being called evidence is because it contains are the facts, evidence, analysis, evaluation and discussion of your finding.

Your Own Dissertation Research

The evidence differs greatly and it can be your own research based on someone’s research methods and your own ones or evidence from published texts which you were exploring. Without a doubt, you will analyze other material that is available in your area of research, when writing a dissertation, keep in mind that the main voice should be your own and it should be clear what you are trying to demonstrate.

Commenting on Other Scientists’ Findings

A great way to strengthen your main argument is to either complement it with the research performed by other scientists or by contrasting your ideas with the ones provided by other scholars. Simply by interpreting other people’s works and using them in your own way you can indicate the significance of these ideas or show that your ideas are of greater significance. When you are commenting other people’s findings you demonstrate a clear understanding of the topic you are investigating, so pay close attention to that.

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