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Dissertation Defense: How to Answer Tricky Questions?

Dealing with Tricky Questions on Dissertation DefenseDissertation defense is the last hardship that you will have to endure on your way to graduate degree. On a defense you will have to make a presentation of your findings and then committee members will ask you questions. While most of these questions will be obvious, there will be a few questions that are known as “tricky” and some students fear them so much, that are ready to give up their degree only not to answer them. Dissertation Writing Service knows about that and decided to provide some info on how to deal with tricky questions.

Dissertation Writing Service Tells How To Answer Tricky Questions

When you are finished with your dissertation presentation, you will be asked questions about it and one of the best ways to avoid tricky questions is to avoid telling about things in your presentation that you are not 100% sure. If you are asking how this can happen, Dissertation Writing Service assures you that if the dissertation paper is 80-100 pages long, you will find a lot of info to present within 15-20 minutes! Besides that, committee’s major purpose is to assess your knowledge on the thesis topic and check to see what you have accomplished rather than to fail you, so most of the time they will ask you clarifying questions from your thesis in order to get a better grip on what you have discovered.

More Advice From Dissertation Writing Service

If it happens that you have been asked a tricky question and you don’t know the answer, take a little break to think it over. You can do it either by flipping through pages of your thesis or que cards, as if you are looking for an answer or by sipping on some water and during this time thinking about appropriate answer, and you might come up with something to say. If you still don’t know the answer, don’t be shy to say that you don’t know and that it either needs further investigation (if the question is research based) or that you didn’t take it into consideration (if it is something else). Don’t lie to the committee, because then you might make a very bad impression and fail.

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