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Dissertation Conclusion Writing, How Long Should It Be?

Dissertation Conclusion WritingReview Steps and Methods and State the Results of your Study Briefly

If you are writing your conclusion, then you are on your way to the completion of your dissertation writing. There are a number of goals which you should attain in order to achieve a successful conclusion. You can discuss whether or not you have reach the result you were seeking for and if your methods was appropriate enough to aim your objectives. Always remind your reader about the importance of your dissertation writing, you can refresh their memories since you have already stated this at the beginning of your thesis. You can also review the steps you made along the way and processes, problems and hurdles which you have took and also discuss the solutions you took which helped you in your study.

A Strong Conclusion is Not Lengthy

A strong conclusion does not need to be lengthy, your readers could get lost with all the explanation and description. Always be brief and accurate when it comes to stating your reasons and clarifying issues; do not describe every steps of your dissertation writing. Explain precisely the results of your research and if your findings affected any pre notions or views. Contextualize your conclusion by indicating your findings, its implications and its relevance for your chosen field and also as a contribution to the community or society.

Discuss Ideas of Arguments and Issues you Have Encountered

Finally, the conclusion of your dissertation writing should summarize everything and clarify in simple terms on how you ended and the results of your study. Try to limit the usage of your words; do not engulf your readers by presenting them with pages and pages of findings, results and hypothesis. State also your ideas to the arguments of your dissertation writing and give them the sense of importance of your research and their possible impact if they continue your dissertation. You should also let your readers explore the possibilities by letting them draw their own suppositions as your thesis as a basis.


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