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Dissertation Appendix Writing

Appendix Dissertation WritingAppendix Section of Your Dissertation Writing

The appendix section of your dissertation is not its crucial part, but it should be given proper attention when it comes to how you organize it, because, by all means, this part will contain significant information which helps to support the research which you carried out.

Where to Insert an Appendix

If you have decided to add an appendix section in your dissertation, make sure that it is inserted before the bibliography section. Keep in mind that every appendix you are going to insert has to have a separate page and that they are labeled numerically.

What to Include in a Dissertation Appendix

Usually, appendices consist of pictures, tables and graphs which are necessary for your dissertation. If you have been using certain diagrams, calculations or charts, be sure to include them in the appendix section.

If you have been using questionnaires or poles, you should also include them in the appendix section. The best way to determine where certain date should be presented is to see if it is a raw or analyzed data. In first case, you should include it in the appendix section together with the description of tools and devices you were using to obtain results.

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