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Components of Dissertation Proposal

Dissertation Proposal WritingIn the Dissertation, Research or Thesis proposal you have to prove that the topic you have chosen is worth investigating, that it is significant and opens the prospects for future researches being held. Not only the topic has to be feasible but also the methods you have chosen. They have to correspond your topic and to be germane.

In your proposal you also demonstrate how fruitful your topic is and how people will benefit from your contribution.

The Proposal should consist of several items. Among them are:

a)      Title page – the page with the title, author, research mentor and the date of delivery. We hope no problem should arise here.

b)      Abstract – short summary of your proposal (200 words).

c)       Table of contents presents the list of headings and subheadings with the relevant page numbers.

d)      Dissertation statement is where you proclaim what you are going to do. It can be presented in the form of hypothesis, research question, project statement or goal statement. This part is rather intricate, so if you are not experienced we suggest addressing DissertationWriting.Biz.

e)      In the next part you dwell upon your Approach or Methods of investigation. Just describe the techniques you were using in your research. Sometimes people have trouble with the very choosing of the techniques or their appliance. If any doubt arises – just contact DissertationWriting.Biz life support and follow their instructions.

f)       Preliminary results and discussion provides the opportunity for you to discuss your study and expose its pros and cons before it is done by your readers.

g)      In the Work Plan section give the itinerary of your project and outline the deadlines for it. Point out the date of final completion.

h)      Implication of Research is the part where you write what new knowledge you are likely to produce.

i)        Finally cite all the resources used in your List of Reference. This task would be much easier if you consign DissertationWriting.Biz with it!

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