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British and American Spelling in Dissertation Writing

US and UK spelling in dissertation writingMany students pay little attention to word spelling and in some cases get them wrong only due to differences in British and American English Language. While these differences are not very significant, some professors and defense committees require students to pay close attention to the way they spell words in their dissertations if they don’t want to be punished. However, there is one thing that really frustrates professors and that is inconsistency in spelling, so prior to handing in your dissertation it would be wise to check it and unify your spelling either to English or American spelling.

Dissertation Writing Specialists Advice On Checking Spelling

The best way of getting your spelling done right is by ensuring that your computer’s spell-checker is set to the correct variety of English. However, don’t take it for granted as computer program does not give you any guarantees in terms of correct grammar and spelling so Dissertation Writing Company suggests you to check every word you are not sure about with a dictionary.

Dissertation Writing Company On British And American Spelling

Dissertation Writing Company professionals are aware that many students have a hard time differentiating between two types of spelling and have decided to give you some information on difference in British and American spelling.

The main differences between British and American spelling are: -our (Brit.)vs. -or (Amer.)( Colour-Color, Flavour- Flavor, Behaviour- Behavior, etc.); -re vs. -er (centre-center, metre-meter, theatre-theater, etc.); -ise vs. -ize (realise-realize, organise-organize, specialise-specialize and so on); -ogue vs. –og (catalogue-catalog, dialogue-dialog, etc.); -ll- vs. -l- (travelled-traveled, counselor-counselor and others).

As you can see, the differences are minor, but they do make professors and defense committee lower grades, so make sure to check your spelling a few times before handing in your dissertation and if you are still not sure about something, don’t hesitate to ask Dissertation Writing Company for assistance.

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