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Advice on Successful HR Dissertation Writing

HR Dissertation WritingHow to Choose Your HR Dissertation Writing Topic

When writing an HR dissertation keep in mind that it has to address an unresolved problem or fill in a knowledge gap in your subject area that is also of great concern to the society as a whole. For this very reason, your choice of dissertation writing topic should concern the subject you are interested in, as well as it must add something new to the existing literature. You can choose one of the following or come up with something that you like instead, but here are some topics that might guide you in the right direction with your dissertation writing.

You can write an HR dissertation on “relationships models of Human Resource management”, “training, development and recruitment”, “job satisfaction and motivation”, “organizational environment”, “strategic human resource management”, “human resource management in the context of global environment”, “performance and talent management”, “employment law”, etc.

Research for Your HR Dissertation Writing

When doing research for your HR dissertation writing, you should consider the following questions. Be sure that if you find satisfactory answers to them, your paper will have success. First of all, ask yourself  “What is the major research question of the study?”,  “Did you focus on the right issue?”,  “Did you include all the relevant resources and observations or have you left something important out?”,  “Are the methods chosen by you the most suitable or they don’t fit for this particular research?”,  “Are there any limitations and do you need research any further or not?”

HR Dissertation Writing Chapters

In terms of structure, most dissertations should follow academic dissertation writing standards and have to be divided into the following six chapters:

If you keep within these guidelines and work on your HR dissertation writing on a daily basis, you will not have any difficulties with it.

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