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A Day before Dissertation Defense: Things You Should Do

Tips on Dissertation Defense from Dissertation Writing ServiceSo, finally you have finished researching and writing your dissertation and scheduled a defense for it and that day has come. Tomorrow you will have to defend your work, so what should you do the day before? Dissertation Writing Company has written hundreds of successful dissertations for students worldwide and our writers have defended their own dissertations, so we can offer you some advice as to what you should do on the day before the dissertation defense.

Dissertation Writing Company Advice On What To Do The Day Before The Defense

Last thing you should do on a day before dissertation defense is to go looking for trouble. Try to stay away from bars, discos and lounges and don’t consume any alcohol as you will have a very hard time focusing on the defense. Also, try to stay away from trouble and instead of going somewhere, try to stay at home, take a relaxing bath, and try not to think about what will be tomorrow, listen to some relaxing music and just get your thoughts away from thinking about the defense itself. By now you have done everything possible to make your dissertation perfect, researched, written and polished it, written your defense speech and made slides for your presentation, cleaned and ironed your suit or a dress, so just relax.

A Few Tips From Dissertation Writing Company On What To Do On The Day Before The Defense

Just before you go to bed, try to mentally run over the things you should have done and check to see if you prepared everything. Also, you can go over your presentation one more time and go to bed. Try to get a good night sleep as defense procedure will drain you extensively, so you should be well rested and looking fresh. Take it easy and don’t rush and you will do great on your dissertation defense.


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