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Dessertation Methodology Chapter Writing

We can’t tell which part of a dissertation is the most important one. However, a dissertation cannot exist without the methodology chapter. This is a section that tells your readers about the methods you will use for conducting your research. As a rule, the methodology chapter of a dissertation consists of several major parts.

As any other section of the dessertation, the methodology part should begin with an introductory paragraph that will describe the problem you will be trying to solve with the chosen methods. The following paragraphs should explain how your methods will help in solving the stated problem.

The first part of a methodology chapter is just a review of the problems that you touch upon in the dissertation. You have to list the questions you will try to answer and the problems you might face when finding the answers.

In the next part of the methodology chapter of the dessertation you should talk about the approaches you will use to conduct the research. Besides, tell hoe you will collect all the necessary data and how you will make conclusions basing on the collected data. When giving the reasons for using exactly this or that approach you should explain how it is better than all the other existing methods.

The methodology part of your dessertation doesn’t have to provide all the details of the research process. It has to be thorough and detailed enough for the readers to understand that you have taken into consideration all the points concerning your topics and that the results of your research will be accurate.

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