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Dissertation Writing: Dissertation Without Appendix. Is It Possible?

Appendix is an Essential Component in a Dissertation

It is essential to have an appendix in your dissertation since this will contain additional information which is associated with your dissertation writing. This can be a graph, tables, or diagrams as an aid of full understanding of your study without the means to disrupt the analytical development and organization. Appendix is very important in dissertation writing since the main goal of this academic requirement is to study your topic with the means of gathering data. You should be able to state precisely the references of your sources and materials used in the dissertation and all of this can be found in the appendix as well as pages and number of the items.

Adding Transparency of your Research

It is not possible to omit appendix in the completion of your dissertation writing for this is a vital part to link logically your appendix which will add transparency of your information and data gathered. The conclusion of your dissertation writing will be based solely on your analysis and through your appendix; readers will have a guide on the data you used to arrive at your conclusion. When citing references and the information you used, make sure to do it perfectly and minimize paraphrasing since this could only lead to plagiarism.

Organization of References, Information and Survey Questionnaires

There is a definite need to have an appendix or appendices in your dissertation writing especially that you are producing a scientific and informative report. You will be using data in the course of your study and appendix is the place in which you can place references and information that is neatly organized by numbers. This is also beneficial when you are using survey questionnaires to conduct extensive research for your topic. You will be deliberating on the results and findings of your survey but the questionnaire itself will be located in its appropriate location in the appendix.

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